Magnet Weekly CTF Challenge Week #7

1 min readNov 23, 2020


Part 1 Domains and Such

What is the IP address of the HDFS primary node?

Part 2:

Is the IP address on HDFS-Primary dynamically or statically assigned?

Part 3:

What is the interface name for the primary HDFS node?

Part 1

If you navigate to /etc/network/interfaces on the primary image, you can currently see the interface information. The main interface en33 will provide the answers to the first answer.


Part 2

So the next question, is really a 50/50 but we can see in the image above that the answer is there!

Answer: statically

Part 3

Again, we have already solved this question from the first answer.

Answer: ens88

One file provided all 3 answers this week! It was defintely a nice break from the last couple of weeks.