Event Log Tampering Part 2: Manipulating Individual Event Logs

  • Evtx Structure & Manual Event Editing (A must-read to understand the following sections)
  • Event Record Unreferencing (Shadow Brokers leak of NSA’s DanderSpritz/eventlogedit)
  • Rewriting Logs with WinAPI EvtExportLog (3gstudent’s evolutions of eventlogedit)

Manipulating Individual Event Logs

  1. Stop the Event log service and copy the .evtx
  2. Modify your events
Updated Event Record Checksum in Chunk Header
  • Service Control Manager Event ID 7035
  • Command-line usage of Service manipulation (sc.exe)
  • File access to the .evtx itself (moving, copying or accessing)

Event Record Unreferencing

Concept explained with dogs :)
  1. Edit the size of the previous Event Record to hide the target record
  2. (Can be skipped technically, but will leave a trace of EventRecordIds not in sequence) Update all subsequent Event Record IDs (this means all subsequent chunks now need their checksums recalculated)
  3. Update and recalculate the following in the Chunk Header
    - Last event record number
    - Last event record identifier
    - Last event record data offset
    - Event Record checksum
    - Chunk Header Checksum
  4. Update and recalculate the following in the File Header
    - Next Record Identifier (eg -1 if deleted one event)
    - File Header Checksum

Rewriting Logs with WinAPI EvtExportLog


Covering All Bases




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