Event Log Tampering Part 1: Disrupting the EventLog Service

You Can’t See Me
  • Service Host Thread Tampering (Invoke-Phant0m)
  • Patching the Event Service (Mimikatz)
  • Downgrading Windows Components (Adding MiniNT key)
  • Evtx Structure & Manual Event Editing (A must-read to understand the following sections)
  • Event Record Unreferencing (Shadow Brokers Tools DanderSpritz/eventlogedit)
  • Rewriting Logs with WinAPI EvtExportLog (3gstudent’s evolutions of eventlogedit)

Disrupting the EventLog Service

Service Host Thread Tampering

A time gap in logs from where I started Phant0m and restarted the service.

Patching the Event Service

Downgrading Windows Components

reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MiniNt”




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